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Summer reading

Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading, ideally on a beach or in a park ;) I love reading a lot of different books, but industry-related and motivational are some of my favorites. They can be the perfect dose of motivation and inspiration! Read below for a few of my favorite staple reads.

Life as a Daymaker by David Wagner : Everyone in the salon industry should read this book! It's such a simple concept and it's WHY we do WHAT we do! We are all service providers and daymakers and this is a wonderful reminder to always put your guest first.

GROW: Super Stylist by Antony Whitaker : This book I could read over and over and continue to find helpful information. The perfect tool for a new or seasoned stylist, it gets down to business of how to GROW your business with super simple and user friendly concepts. Definitely check it out!

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo : Obviously not a salon related book...but it could be if your salon needs some organiza…


BEAUTY SLEEP is a REAL thing!!!
Did you know that there is a direct connection between poor or lack of sleep and accelerated aging, weight gain, weakened immune system, slower detoxification, anxiety and even brain damage.  YIKES! 
In the Beauty Biz we not only need to be able to perform precisely, with grace and a smile, we need to look the part, we need to always be fresh and in style.  Not getting enough sleep makes it hard to FLOURISH.   Think about it...   lack of sleep = dark circle and bags under eyes, foggy brain, and increased chance of getting sick.  
 I firmly believe we are in the best industry ever.  However, it can be physically and mentally exhausting.  We are always "ON" It is our job to give 110% to each and everyone of our guests.  WE are BEAUTY BIZ ATHLETES,  training for the a marathon, which is our career.  Athlete's know they need to allow their body to rest to and rejuvenate to reach peak condition.  
Also, in the Beauty Biz... we tend to work cra…

Vision board

Remember making collages in school and how much fun it was? Well it still is fun and you should try doing one! We are half way through the year (if you can believe that), let it help you plan the next half of the year.

I like to keep this board next to my desk and add to it for inspiration. Sometimes it might be a random collection of ideas and other times it has a clear direction. It's usually a mix of what is currently happening in my life and weekly, monthly or yearly goals.

Right now it's all about WEDDINGS! My husband and I got married last October and my brother and his now wife were married a few days ago! Not to mention it is definitely wedding season at the salon. I think what I love most about this board is the flowers. They make me think of summer, weddings and just make me happy! So let your creativity flow and have fun making your own vision board!

Rest & Recharge

In the Beauty Biz we are constantly "ON" and usually surrounded by peeps!  Which can be SOOOOO much fun and yet can be SOOOO exhausting.  

Can you relate?

If you are reading this I am confident that you can, we are probably a lot alike! 

I am sure you LOVE your guests as much as I do & care deeply about them.  Use your energy to make them feel comfortable & valued, while meeting their beauty needs.  Which is AWESOME and part of being a Super Stylist, but to continue to FLOURISH in this biz it is important to take time to REST & RECHARGE

This can look different for everyone.  Some peeps need time alone and some peeps thrive on being with others... Have you ever thought about what you need or whether or not you are an introvert or extrovert?

Introverts tend to:
like being around peeps in small doseslove being around certain peepsneed to pull back to rechargetend to be more sensitive- especially to others feelings work better alone- better able to form thoughts and soul …

Get Out of your Comfort Zone

As a hairstylist and creative person I am always looking for new sources of inspiration. It could be salon-related continuing education, events and classes outside of the industry, or even attending an art opening. I made it a goal this year to reach further into subjects I have been interested in. With the help of different social media outlets, it's been relatively easy to find local events and classes to attend. The learning and networking I have been able to do locally has been amazing! So far I've been to a social media class, a mindfulness class, and women's networking event this year. All have been helpful in teaching me something new, and have given me the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and goals.
FLOURISH started as a passion project for myself and Marielle. We wanted an outlet to share information with other stylist, connect with people and use some more of our creativity! So far it has been fun and inspiring. So my advice to you is to DO that t…