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Flourish into Fall!

We are getting so excited for our very first Flourish event and launch of our journal! Join us for brunch Sunday, September 9th from 11-1 at Coiffeteria salon in East Grand Rapids. We have a great line up of fun speakers to get you re-inspired behind the chair and in your career! You can find more details below...

Swag bag including, the FLOURISH JOURNAL, drop in pass to Seva yoga, skin care sample from KPS

How to use the Flourish Journal with Marielle and Lori

Working behind the chair can be hard on your body! You will learn yoga poses and how to care for yourself with Stacy Calcatera

Learn how to set goals, what a personal brand is and how to grow it and social media with Kim Trathen

Our favorite flower truck Beloved Roots will be in the parking lot

Enjoy brunch, mimosas and networking with fellow stylist!

We hope you will join us and can't wait to meet you!

Flourish Beauty Biz 90 Day Journal

We wrote this journal because we know that the Beauty Biz can be CRAZY busy and that the day can easily get away from you.  This is why it is so important to plan for your goals and give thanks for your blessings!

We love starting our Day with Gratitude... This helps to change your perspective and outlook on so many things.  By focusing on what you grateful for you will find yourself; happier, healthier, more optimistic and like-able ;-) 

Journaling forces us to write down our goals, which makes us more likely to achieve them.  Helps to give clarity.  Helps you focus and stay accountable.  It is a safe place to release your fears and struggles.  

We hope Flourish Beauty Biz Journal will give you a place to do all of the above, PLUS focus on key growth indicators in the salon world, while incorporating health and creating a beautiful life.  People that are happy and healthy naturally perform at a higher level and FLOURISH!

What's your career bucket list?

We're fortunate to work in a career that provides so many different opportunities. I have cosmetology school friends that work in skin care, are nail artists, salon owners, makeup artists, and some even do hair behind the chair or for film and television. There are so many areas to grow and learn!
Being a stylist for over 12 years has presented me with amazing opportunities I never imagined, which got me thinking... what else can I do in this industry!? Starting Flourish was definitely one of those bucket list items for me! Finding a way to connect with other stylists and share knowledge has been wonderful.
However ther,e are a few more career goals on my current bucket list. Growing Flourish, increasing my success behind the chair, and taking classes from stylists I admire are just a few of those. So... what is on your career bucket list? Below are a few ideas to get you started:

- Work on a TV/movie set
- Have your work published in a magazine or online
- Travel to do hair, nai…

Growing your Average Ticket

No matter how you break it down or whatever business you are in, there are 2 ways to grow your business. Increase the amount of guests you see and/orincrease the amount of money they spend in your biz.
Today lets talk about making the most of the time you have with each guest.
It all starts with a killer consultation.During this time it is your job to uncover the needs of the guest.This opens the doors for you to do your job and consult, educate and recommend products and other services to ensure your guests NEEDS are met.
Think about it, we all want to look our best, including our guests.Not only when they leave the salon, but the next day and the next and the day after that.If you do not educate your guests on the products and services they need to recreate their style at home - You not only are not doing your job, you are missing opportunities.
Remember, Your guests are paying you for your time, service and professional advice. Although, we have the best career ever- we are still prof…