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Numbers Do Not Lie

Do you track your numbers??
I listened to a podcast this week and was surprised by the amount of stylist that do not pay attention to their numbers.  I know numbers do not always come easy to us "Creative" peeps but it is so important to know where you are in order to Flourish! 
There are two ways to grow your biz.  You can do more clients or have the clients you have, spend more.  I recommend tracking these numbers weekly at a minimum.  Keeping score will help keep you on track.  
Ways to grow your client count are referrals, retention and pre-booking.  Ways to increase your average ticket are retail sales, add- ons and price increase.  
At our salon we also track our Benchmarks.  These are measurements of standards of excellence which results can be compared.  Sounds like an ear-full but these benchmarks make it easy for us to measure where we are and where we have opportunities to grow.  
My four favorite are:
Service per Service Ticket- our goal is for this # to always b…

Ready to use your Flourish journal?

You've received your Flourish journal in the mail, but where do you start!? First...get your favorite pens (we LOVE office supplies!). Now that you have something to write with you simply begin on page 5 and take the personal audit. This will give you an idea of where you are and where you want to be. Answering these questions may surprise you on how much you can learn about yourself!

Now for the REALLY fun part! Goal setting! You will set 90 day personal and professional goals. I love goal setting and I think writing them down helps tremendously in making them happen! Remember to be realistic. Think about what you can do in the next 90 days to reach a longer term goal like one year or five years from now! 
After your goals are set the journal will guide you day to day in following up with your plan. Daily goal setting, numbers tracking, current inspirations and so much more will go into your journal. Using the Flourish journal everyday will keep you on track to reaching long term…
Giving Back is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA!
Giving back, is as simple as it sounds, can be easy as volunteering your time and talents or donating to a cause.  Crazy thing is we find that by giving back we always gain more than we give!  
Our Salon has been selected to be an affiliate salon for Hello Gorgeous, a non-profit organization providing red-carpet makeovers to help restore the beauty cancer steals.  Today was our training day and tomorrow will be our first makeover.  I am so excited and humbled to be a part of such an amazing organization.  The stories I’ve read and heard about these Gorgeous Strong Women are life changing!  
Top 6 reasons you should Give Back!
Make a Difference!  The cool thing about volunteering your time is that you get to choose where and how you make an impact.  Find a cause near and dear to your heart and find a way to help- you will love seeing your direct impact.Use your Expertise!  In the beauty biz we have so much to share- what better way than to volunteer in o…

The 90-Day Flourish Journal is Here!

The day that we have been working towards has arrived! After many hours, coffee shop meetings, planning sessions, more meetings, frustrations, exciting moments our vision is on paper in the form of a journal! We are so happy to announce that our Flourish Beauty Biz Balance journal is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Now what exactly is the Flourish journal you ask? It is the product of two hairstylist (us!) looking for inspiration behind the chair and our solution to being more organized and goal oriented. We designed it for anyone in the salon industry looking for some balance, an easy way to track their numbers, and someone who wants to grow their business and connect with a community of like minded people!

So check out the book and tell us what you think! You can follow along for updates on our journal journey on Instagram and Facebook @Flourishbeautybiz. We would love to hear from you and get to know you! HAPPY FLOURISHING!

Goal Setter to Goal Getter!

What are your DREAMS?What do you think it would be SUPER COOL if…
Take a few minutes to think about it; Who you really are.What is important to you.What makes you happy.What do you you want? How is your physical health, mental health, career or purpose, spirituality, finances, family life, love life, social life?
Now grab a pen and paper and start writing, write whatever comes to your mind.The fabulous and not so fabulous things you want, want to do or maybe want to stop.Be honest with yourself.This is for your eyes only and a great place to see what you really want out of life.
Now lets set some GOALS!!!!!  Make sure they are:
Specific =>
Details, Details, Details!What do you really want?Forexample, to say that you want to loose weight is too vague.Instead, try “I will exercise 5 times per week.”  Another thing I hear a lot is that I want to make more money or be busier at work, again too vague.Try, “I will hand out my card everywhere I go for the next 30 days & offer ev…