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Maximize your work day

How do you make more money in the salon industry? You can increase your prices, work more hours or you can maximize every appointment on your books! What do I mean by that? As service providers it is important to dive deep into what our guests are looking for and provide the best solution.

So how do we do this? It all starts with a THOROUGH consultation. Find out what your guest's needs are by using photos, asking open ended questions and talking about their routine of at home care. Doing a thorough consultation helps you make better recommendations and gain the client's trust. This will lead to a connection and give you the confidence to suggest ideas, products and your guest will feel truly cared for. So THAT'S how you maximize your day at the salon! Make the MOST of EVERY appointment!
To help improve your consultations visit the tools tab on for a FREE downloadable list of our favorite consultation questions! Share it with your team during a staff …

Fall Flavors

It is officially fuzzy socks, cozy sweaters, comfort foods and pumpkin season!
The only problem is that typical fall foods tend to come in the the form of carb-heavy dishes or calorie-rich desserts.But don’t you worry, we got you covered.No need to derail your diet or go cray with your eating!
A few of our favorite ways to Enjoy Fall Flavors.
Spice Things Up with CINNAMON Cinnamon can not only help regulate your blood sugar, it’s particular flavor can also help you cut back on added sugar when you are making holiday treats.Sprinkle it in coffee and oatmeal.
Go Crazy with APPLES Who does not love this yummy fall fruit?One medium apple contains about 14 % of your RDA for vitamin C and over 4 grams of fiber.Plus as the old saying goes, “ an apple a day, keeps the doctor away “  We love to add them to salads, sandwiches and just snack on them throughput the day.  (If you add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice and cinnamon to sliced apples it keeps them from turning brown and makes it an easy s…

Finding Inspiration

It's the end of the week. You're with one of your last guests of the day. You can't wait to put your feet up and start a new Netflix binge worthy show. Sometimes a little chill time (and maybe a glass of wine) is all you need to recharge. SOMETIMES though you need more before you head back to the salon for a busy week.

It is so hard to do what we do and not feel inspired while doing it!...that made sense right? Hah! Guests look to us for what's new, what's current, how can we make them feel trendy or just updated? As stylist, makeup artist, nail techs and everything in between, a lack of fresh ideas can really show in our work. It doesn't have to be anything major, but sometimes re-imagining a classic cut or trying a new lip color is all the change someone might need.

SO how do we stay current and creative? Where does this flow of inspiration come from? We are lucky in our industry to have endless images, classes and seminars available to us. Sometimes though, …

Guest Retention is Key!

Guest retention can literally make or break your business!  In the Beauty Biz we are selling way more than a fabulous service.  We also, need to build relationships and deliver an Amazing Experience.   

1.  The Service.  Are you constantly focusing on the quality of your work?  Pay attention to the detail.  Take time during your consultation, make sure your shampoos are amazing!  Keep your work area and guests clean, sections should be precise and color only on the hair.   Attend advanced education to stay current and up to date.  Guests love to know you are staying on top of your Beauty Game.  Plus, it will help inspire you and help give ideas for change.  Guests love to know your suggestions for them.   2.  The Relationship.  People buy from People!  Genuinely caring about each guest is something that cannot be trained.  It comes from the heart.  Every time a guest sits in your chair, think about how you can make their day, call them by name.  Let them know you appreciate them.  Tha…

Tips to attract new guests to your salon

How do you attract new guests to your salon? New clientele are a vital part to growing and sustaining your business. Whether you are a new or seasoned stylist, it is always important to attract new guests. Below are some effective, affordable ways to market your business which will lead to new faces coming through your salon door!

Have a loyalty program. I have the choice of many coffee shops where I live. Hooray for coffee! The one I like to frequent has a great loyalty program (and great coffee). It's the icing on the cake when I earn a free drink! Guests at your salon will feel appreciated when they earn a percentage off or a free service. They are easy to implement too. It can be anything from a punch card or an app on their phone.

Ask loyal guests for referrals. If they love sitting in your chair, they will love to help you grow your business! Simply give out a few business cards and ask if they would pass them along to friends and family. An added incentive is to start a ref…