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Saying Goodbye is never easy, but it does not have to be sneaky…

45% of Employeeswill leave a salon within the first 2 years- Shoot Dang! & 65% left while they were still happy- Say What???

I don't know about you but statistics like these make me want to pull my hair out!  LOL 

On a more serious note, One of the hardest things about owning a Salon is when a team member decides it is time to move on.  For me it is not just the the fact that they are leaving it is that our industry seams to struggle with professionalism on this matter.  I am always sad to see stylist go, but am very supportive of peeps following their dreams.  Lets just have integrity and keep all our bridges in tact.  

So if it is time to move on and start a new dream - make the transition as smooth as possible…
Be Honest
Embrace transparency.
When it comes to leaving, a little honesty goes a long way. Talk to your boss, let them know what your plans.Work together to come up with an exit strategy.
Play Nice

You're more likely to get a blessing if you play by the rules.
• Don…

Making the best of salon photos

We know through the power of social media that a great photo can make a huge difference in catching someone’s eye! When it comes to photography for your salon website, and different social media outlets, learning the basics and investing in proper tools can take your photos to the next level!

I enjoy taking photos of guest’s hair at the salon, partly because it gives me a different perspective on how their hair looks (the camera does not lie) and it’s another fun creative outlet! Below are some simple tips on improving your photography skills.

1. Lighting! So important! If you don’t have natural sunlight to work with, a ring light is the next best option. 
2. Use a clean and consistent background. You also want to consider color of background, it can make hair color appear different. 
3. Do a makeup touch up and blot any shine off of the guests face.
4. Help your guest feel comfortable in front of the camera. Take a couple of fun shots first and give them a little direction on how to sta…
Have you ever taken a time to think about who is your "Ideal" GUEST?

In the BeautyBiz we are always talking about referrals: how to ask for them, incentives, goals, and campaign ideas.  We have found to FLOURISH in this biz their is more to it than just asking, you need to ask the RIGHT peeps!  Aka, Your Biggest Fans!
We have found that our Biggest Fans ususally... Are our Biggest Spenders.Buy Retail.Love your treatments, services and you!Already recommend their friends and family. We all know who these guests are- Right????  Now it is up to you to let them know you would LOVE to see their friends and family.   Give them an incentive:-)   
We give our guests referral cards that look like gift cards -it is a WIN-WIN.  Our guests get to give their friends a gift and we gain a new guest!!!!!!!!!   

Ok...So now that you have identified your ideal Guest!  Remember them when you are posting on Social Media.  What do they like?  What are their interests?   This is key for your post…

Mastering the Consultation

Have you ever found yourself talking in circles during a consultation? We have all been there, and I find the longer a consultation goes on, the harder it is to create a result the guest is pleased with. Whenever I get into challenging consultations, I mentally take a step back and start from the beginning with a few basic questions. They always seem to help the guest clarify what they want. Here are a few of my go to questions.

1. What do you like about your hair? 2. What would you change about your hair? 3. What is your daily styling routine? 4. How often are you willing to come into the salon for maintenance?
These questions are also helpful when a guest uses a lot of photos in the consultation. It helps narrow down what they specifically like about an image. When I narrow that down, I will search for a photo I think best reflects what they are looking for.
Typically by the time the guest has answered these questions I have a clearer idea of what they want, and importantly what will wor…