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Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member? Click the links below to view our Flourish favorites gift list! Happy Shopping!
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Winter skin care

Here in Michigan, changing seasons means our skins needs change. The winter can be a difficult time to maintain glowing, moisturized skin, but the tips below can certainly help! 

Drink water. I know you've heard this a thousand times, but there are so many benefits besides just keeping you hydrated. You can also try swapping your morning coffee for green tea. The bonus is you can use a pretty reusable water bottle to drink from!

Use a humidifier. Turning on the furnace means very dry air. I love my humidifier in the winter! It helps keep my skin from drying out by putting moisture back in the air. I definitely notice a difference when I don't use it.

Replace your light weight moisturizer for a heavier cream. Help your guests change up their skin care routine, by showing them new products. I usually have summer and winter skin and hair care, so be sure your guests know it is a good idea to switch it up! It is not something a lot of people think about!

Limit your shower and bath…

Retail and the Stylist


Like it or not...Recommending retail is part of the service.Think about it… If you do not recommend the tools you used and teach them how to recreate the fabulous look you gave them, you are not fully servicing your guest!Show them you care by recommending what is best for their specific needs and you win their trust and create a raving fan -raving fans come back!It is a fact that a guest who purchases just 1 product from you is 30% more likely to RETURN than one who does not.
Lets think about it, would you be able to recreate your guests look with out the products you used on them?How do you expect your guests too?Teach them to recreate the look you gave them & you will stand out as a professional and look like a genius!
We promise it is not that hard!  It is as easy as 1.2..3... Consultation is key!Choose products YOU believe in!How is your attitude? Are you asking your guests simple questions?How has the condition of your hair been? What look are you trying…