Ho-Ho-Ho- Happy- Holidays Tips

It is officially 3 weeks until Christmas and officially the most wonderful, crazy busy time of the year!  Especially, in the beauty biz!  You’re working extra hours, you’re booked solid, you’re shopping, you’re baking, you’re drinking a lot of champagne.  You are hosting and going to parties, the list goes on… 
It can be exhausting!  

Below are a few tips to help you TAKE CARE of YOURSELF this Holiday Season without spending hours at the gym or skipping the Holiday treats you love.  Balance is Key!
#1  Drink more water than you usually do.  I try to do drink at least 10oz more than usual.  Remember a good goal is to start with half your body weight in ounces.

#2  Skip the sweets.  Sugar is not your friend.  It adds pounds, causes heart disease and premature aging, just to say a few.  

#3  Be mindful of your portions.  You do not have to deprive yourself- just have balance!

#4  EXERCISE.  Squeeze in what ever works for you.  A fifteen minute walk can make a difference, stretch between guests, do 60 squats a day… the possibilities are endless.  Exercise makes you happier, more credible, have more energy and more creativity.

#5  Get Sleep.  Lack of sleep can have the same effects on you as too much alcohol. 

#6  Journal 5 things you are thankful for every morning or night.  When you are grateful it is harder to be anxious or angry. 

#6  Pay it forward.  Buy a coffee for a stranger,  help out a co-worker,  send a card to a friend - just because :-)

#8  Pray - Meditate!

And remember to let go of things out of your control!

Happy Flourishing!

Mar & Lori


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