Professionalism behind the chair

This is a topic that has been on my mind lately when thinking about guest care. One thing guests search for in a salon environment is professionalism. A professional atmosphere can help someone feel comfortable and at ease. Maintaining a professional salon does not mean it won't be a fun! It will be because you work there! Here are a few tips on setting the right vibe at your salon.

Conversation. One simple thing I learned at the beginning of my career is always keep the conversation guest focused. Don't get me wrong I'm sure they enjoy hearing about what's going on in your life too, but that time is really about them and their hair.

Clothing and appearance. We are lucky to work in an industry where you can express your personal style. So whatever that look may be, present the best version of yourself. After a while coloring my bleach stains in with a sharpie, just doesn't cut it! Haha!

Keep a clean and organized station and salon. First impressions are everything! If your guest walks into a clean salon and sits at an organized station they will be so much more comfortable. Keeping an entire salon tidy is a group effort, so help your teammates out!


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